Joe Wheeler

Billy Webb
(Resource Director)

Felicia Webb

(Administrative Assistant)

James McCurdy

  (Finance Director)


Manna House Ministries is an outreach resource ministry for those suffering in the bondage of addiction.  We have a vision to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to those suffering from this bondage.  We are dedicated to finding the appropriate treatment options for those seeking to overcome their addictions.  M.H.M. sponsors Serenity Fellowship meetings six nights a week.  This is a Christ Centered 12 step recovery approach to overcoming addiction through step studies and open discussion meetings.  We sponsor meetings for both the addicts and their family members.  We also encourage sponsorship.

Most who are searching for help in the area of addiction usually struggle in their attempts to find help.  Although we don't have any quick fixes or all the answers, we do provide suggestions stemming from our own experiences.  (AA Recovery Promises)  M.H.M. is a Christian recovery resource office.  We stand at the front line of addiction to meet those truly seeking help from their addiction.  We offer services not only to the addicted but also to the families, local churches, pastors and judicial systems.  M.H.M. is a simple ministry, we focus efforts primarily in two areas, Resources, Support groups.  It is our vision to one day also have transitional living for those in need of safe, structured, supportive place to stay after treatment.  This is still a future goal of Manna House Ministries.  (Eight Recovery Principles)

M.H.H. provides all services as a free resource to our community.  If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction we invite you to come by and speak with one of our friendly staff members who are ready to discuss options available for you.